WCH Exhibition Launch

Two Passions Combined

Paintings by Krishna Solanki

Two Passions Combined
showcases paintings on canvas by Krishna Solanki, a paediatric doctor in the Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

While not professionally trained as an artist, painting has been an important means of creative expression and relaxation when Krishna is not at work: “I unfortunately never had the opportunity to learn the art of painting officially; however I continued to express my imagination on paper (and sometimes on walls!) from when I was five years old.” Over the years, Krishna has developed an interest in capturing the beauty of people and the natural world.

Dr. Krishna Solanki with her exhibition in Gallery B, WCH.

Krishna was named after the Hindu God famous for his love of art (music and dance)!  Despite her professional focus on medicine, painting and other art forms have always been close to Krishna’s heart. As a paediatric doctor, Krishna is passionate about the health and wellbeing of children. Krishna has previously worked in oncology at the Sydney Children's hospital and was inspired by a dear friend who does amazing work towards cancer research. She hopes that by combining her two passions for children’s health and painting in this exhibition, she can raise money that will help make the difference for cancer research.

 “I wish to make a substantial contribution towards further research in this field of oncology to help make the difference in the fight against childhood cancer

Krishna has partnered with the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation to create an exhibition of her work in the Hospital, and through the sale of her paintings support the research into the application of Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy (known as CAR-T) in the treatment of a broad range of cancers.

The Women's and Children's Hospitals (WCH) world class researchers are continually searching to develop new treatments and diagnostic methods for a variety of diseases and better health outcomes for our community. CAR-T research is based on a form of immunotherapy that involves taking a patient’s existing T-Cells from their body, reprogramming them so that they seek out and destroy cancer cells, and then placing them back in the patient's body. This treatment has already shown great results in the treatment of blood cancers through trials being conducted in the United States and the WCH Foundation is now working with the WCH to raise funds to advance this form of research so that a treatment can be developed here in South Australia for solid cell tumours.

“A high percentage of patients treated with the CAR T cell therapies have seen their cancer regress to the point of being undetectable. The results seen with CAR T technology are essentially unprecedented and have the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment. The aim of the project is to explore the potential development of a new CAR T cell that could be active against a broad range of cancers, rather than just leukaemia, particularly those prevalent in childhood.” Dr Justin Coombs, General Manager at Cooperative Research Centre for Cell Therapy Manufacturing.

For more information about  the CAR-T research project visit: wchfoundation.org.au/car_t

To purchase an artwork please contact:


or Jill Newman, Arts in Health Manager, WCH Foundation on 0408 215 372.

All proceeds from the sale of artworks in Two Passions Combined will go to supporting the CAR-T research project.

The Exhibition will be on display in the Hospital until the end of November.