TeamKids Launch Two Gallery Exhibitions

TeamKids Gallery C Exhibition:
George Rex Comics by Georgina Chadderton

Self Portrait, Georgina Chadderton.

Adelaide-based artist, Georgina Chadderton is George Rex Comics. As a creative professional, Georgina wears many hats – she is a comic-artist-writer and freelance illustrator. The exhibition of her work currently on display in TeamKids Gallery C aims to give an insight into Georgina’s work and the life of a comic artist.

Georgina’s comics are primarily autobiographical and she typically details everyday adventures drawn from her day to day life and childhood experiences. Her comics explore ideas of childhood development, fandom and self-acceptance with light-hearted, self-depreciating humour. The pairing of the two comics featured in this exhibition, A Dream Studio Day and An Average Studio Day, creates a humorous and relatable juxtaposition between the ideals we set for ourselves and the reality of life. The comics also provide insight into the routine of a successful comic artist. 

As well as self-publishing zines, Georgina has been published in national and international comic anthologies and literary magazines including Voiceworks Magazine, Tree Paper Press, and Comic Oz. Georgina is currently working on her first full length graphic novel, "Oh Brother", which is about growing up with a brother with Autism. Georgina documents the process of creating “Oh Brother” in regular blog posts on her website (

Georgina is also experienced in portraiture and skilfully captures the likeness of her subjects in cheerful illustrations. Her illustrations feature a range of invented and pop culture characters which she sells at markets and via her etsy shop ( as cards, prints, bags and stickers.  Georgina has also exhibited her illustrations in solo and group shows at numerous galleries in Adelaide and nationally, including at Carclew, Tooth and Nail Gallery, Light Square Gallery, and Greenlight Comics.

The works in the exhibition are all limited edition digital prints of original hand-drawn comics and illustrations. TeamKids hopes the exhibition will inspire the hospital community to pick up a pencil and share their own experiences through art!

Katy Did, Georgina Chadderton.

Honey Bee, Georgina Chadderton.

Dragonfly-Plane, Georgina Chadderton.

Blue Bottle, Georgina Chadderton.

Anne Raknid, Georgina Chadderton.

An Average Studio Day, Georgina Chadderton.

A Dream Studio Day, Georgina Chadderton.

Georgina’s work will be on show in the TeamKids Arts in Health Gallery C, Samuel Way Walkway at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, until the 1st of March 2017.

For more information about Georgina and her comics please see her website:

Teamkids Gallery A Exhibition:
Vintage Blossom by Leanne Wachtel

After the success of her exhibition Beautiful Living in 2014, Leanne Wachtel returns with a solo exhibition titled, Vintage Blossom in TeamKids Gallery A.

Vintage Blossom is a tribute to Leanne and Ian’s beautiful son, Jack, who was diagnosed with a fatal condition in 2011 and was born sleeping at five months and six days. Vintage Blossom is a ‘thank-you’ to the supportive staff at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital who cared for their family. Leanne said of the exhibition;

Ian, Jack & myself were cared for by an amazing team of doctors, midwives and nurses. We wanted to say thank you in a way that could brighten up the day for all the staff and patients at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Leanne has created a series of colourful paintings on recycled timer. The paintings depict silhouetted trees and cherry blossoms, and call to mind the generative process of renewal and regrowth that trees undergo as the seasons change. Leanne hopes that, “this exhibition brightens up the hospital and creates lots of smiles.”

The hospital gallery spaces are an initiative of the TeamKids Arts in Health Program in partnership with the Women’s and Children’s Health Network and supported by the Government of South Australia through Arts SA.

Leanne’s work will be on show in the Teamkids Gallery A at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, until the 15th of February 2017.

If you wish to purchase an artwork or arrange a commission from Leanne, CLICK HERE.