Mother's May Mummy Blogs!

Mother's May Mummy Blogs

To celebrate #‎MothersMay, we are excited to announce that throughout May, we will be welcoming guest bloggers who will be sharing their personal experiences in a series of online 'Mummy Blogs' written by Mums and about Mums.

The blogs will be coming from a range of amazing women and some well-known personalities, as well as some of our own hospital mums whom you will recognize from our TeamKids family.

Amy - Mother of James

"Being a Mum to a premature baby is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Initially, it is overwhelming shock and grief…countless hours spent beside a humidicrib watching your baby fight to survive and leaving the hospital each day with empty arms and an empty heart. It is being faced with the painful possibility that you could lose your baby at any second - something no Mum should ever have to experience.

But with each passing minute, you slowly come to realise the undeniable strength and determination of a baby born too soon. You start to believe in miracles, and your baby is proof that they exist. You grow a support network of nurses, doctors and other premmie families inside those hospital walls who become your real-life superheroes. Although you are afraid and vulnerable every single day, you are part of something truly special. And as time moves forward, you gain perspective. Every single time you look at your happy and healthy baby who defied all the odds, you are reminded to be thankful. You are reminded to be brave. And you are reminded of how much you have overcome.

Being a Mum to a premature baby is not something you ever get over, but with the help of the premmie community, it is something you get through. Because at the end of the day, the struggle is part of the story"

- Amy Purling





Cathy-jo - Mother of Meisha

We asked our friend Cathy-jo (pictured with daughter, Meisha) what motherhood meant to her.

..."It's a precious time in your life. You nurture and care and have unconditional love for your children. When your children are sick and need to go to the hospital, it's refreshing to know they are watched over, loved and cared for by the nurses and staff at the Women's and Children's.

I've spent a long time in and out of the WCH and will continue to be there for quite some time for my daughter Meisha, so it's nice to know when you go there that you are treated with respect and care.

I am truly blessed to have my children with me on Mother's Day, and although I have an angel baby and won't hold him in my arms on this day, he will always be in my heart. I will celebrate with my two children and hug them tightly because to me, the true reason for Mother's Day is the blessing that we were granted this gift.

So from me to you, Happy Mother's Day. If you are in hospital with your babies, please take time for yourself. Have a coffee and take a break, it's the only way to heal yourself and get through the tough times."

- Cathy-jo Tame



Matt Gilbertson (Host, TeamKids Mother's Day High Tea at Burnside Village)

We caught up with our fabulous host Matt Gilbertson to ask him about his beautiful mum, Jo.

"Everyone says their mum is the best, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better mum than mine, Jo.

Growing up, mum trained hard and earned her place in the Australian Women's Basketball team, in a time when women's sport was nothing like it is today. She passed on a strong work ethic to my brother, sister and I and a want for equality in the world.

When I was a (difficult) teenager, we used to call her 'Bree', like the character from Desperate Housewives, because she was one of those super mums who seemed to be able to do everything. She'd usually then tell me that I was like Bree's son, which if you were familiar with the show wasn't the biggest compliment.

But seriously, she can do everything! Of course, in high school this did have it's drawbacks when she actually believed her list of talents included hairdressing, meaning my brother, sister and myself did turn up to school on a few occasions with a dodgy hairdo.

But apart from being the most organised person in the world, the best cook, oh and she can also sew a fabulous pair of sequinned hotpants (it's a long story), Mum is just the person who is always willing to do absolutely everything for those close to her." 

- Matt Gilbertson



Emmah Evans, mother of Ayvah and Logan

We asked the beautiful CF MUMMY, Emmah Evans, about her take on motherhood.

"To me being a mother is something I never imagined I would ever be… having Cystic Fibrosis has meant many obstacles have come my way my whole life.

From being given up for adoption at only a few weeks old, as my birth family were told I wouldn’t survive my childhood due to the lack of knowledge and poor treatment, here I am almost 30 years old – and a mother to two beautiful children. Ayvah, my 4-year-old and Logan, my 1-year-old.

Both conceived naturally, both generally healthy pregnancies’ – both were high risk due to the potential complications that could arise from having CF but my husband and I were blessed with our two beautiful children – despite all the odds.

Those odds being – men with CF are infertile, so naturally fertility treatment is required and for women and in my research prior to falling pregnant, it was very uncommon for a women with CF to conceive naturally due to the damage that CF had caused – let alone a women reaching an age to actually conceive – (I have lost more than 10 of my childhood friends who never made it to their mid-twenties).

I do remember reading in forums other CF women were disgusted that fellow CF women would even think of going through a pregnancy or trying to do that – as the few that I had read thought it was selfish as CF has a medical life expectancy of 37 years of age.

I choose to disagree with this – there is no way I agree in having an expiry date on my life – just because I have a life-threatening illness does not mean that is what is going to take my life. Life is about making the most of every moment, taking chances and I am extremely determined to not let CF stop me from living my life to the fullest.

I was 24 when we fell pregnant with Ayvah – pregnancy agreed with my body, as my lungs seemed to be the healthiest they had ever been – despite the hundreds of chest infections and other CF complications over the years. I still remember the moment she was placed in my arms – I couldn’t believe this beautiful baby was mine – that bond between a mother and baby during pregnancy is something I feel so blessed to have experienced.

The nudges, the pokes, the feeling of the hiccups of the baby when inside of your belly – it is so amazing what we women can do.

My beautiful boy, I knew he was a boy the moment I got the positive on the pregnancy test – I was sick…morning sickness, CF sickness…it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing…I, unfortunately, had to have intravenous treatment during my pregnancy with Logan as I had many a chest infections – something which worried my and how it may affect him. Having a toddler is hard work, being pregnant with a toddler is hard work…add having CF – hard work is an understatement.

I am fortunate to have a very supportive husband and we have amazing family and friends who are at our door to help in times of need.

I do all my intravenous treatment (which can last up to 2-3 weeks at a time) at home, with the nurses, physiotherapy, dietician and the other medical staff all coming to visit during the period of treatment. This saves me being hospitalised, allowing me to “rest” at home with my family.
I could write about the many ups, downs and in-betweens of having CF and being pregnant and now life as a mother, but that is a story to be told another time.

Being a Mum is truly so special.
I continue to learn that there are many roles that come with the title - Mother.

A role model, A teacher, protector, chef, best friend…these are just a few that come to mind. Infinite love and gratitude – a good friend often tells me – an affirmation I think of daily resonates with me.

The Infinite love for our beautiful babies – beyond imaginable. The gratitude that we are so blessed to have children and that I am living this life and are able to wake up every day to two little people who call me Mummy. To see them be mesmerised by me, watching me and everything I do, to know that to them I am their world – it will never cease to amaze me.

For my babies, I want them to grow up knowing that anything is possible in life, there will always be setbacks and hurdles, but as I learn they only prepare you for better things to come. Never take no for an answer, reach for the stars and create your opportunities because dreams do come true."

- Emmah Evans



If you have a story you would like to share about an amazing mum you know, or about motherhood in your eyes, we would love to hear it!

If you also choose to share your story online, remember to @ TeamKids and tag #mothersmay #TeamKids so we can find you!

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