Special appeal for essential family facilities


Day and night, the amazing doctors and nurses at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital are working to save the lives of the seriously sick kids in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). However hard they work, they know that they can’t deliver all the care a child needs, because every sick kid also needs their mum and dad.

No one can do what your mum and dad do. No one can hold you like they do, comfort you like they do, stroke your hair like they do, or make you smile like they do.

That’s why we desperately need to raise $85,000 by the end of the tax year to upgrade our PICU family facilities.

Currently, there’s a waiting room, two overnight rooms and a bathroom. All of them are in constant use, but there haven’t been funds available to renovate them for over a decade. It shows too.

Please will you give a gift now to upgrade the PICU family spaces and support sick kids and their families when they are going through the worst time in their lives?

Parents like Michelle and Michael know how important these rooms are because, suddenly, the hospital becomes their home – it’s the only place that matters when your child is there and seriously ill.

Twins, Lily and Summer.

Michelle and Michael were overjoyed when they found out they were having twin girls. Then scans showed that one of the babies, Lily, was unlikely to survive. If she died, Lily’s twin, Summer – who shared the placenta – would be at risk of a fatal stroke.

Michelle and the babies were closely monitored. During week 27 of the pregnancy, doctors knew they had to act – they delivered the twins by emergency caesarean.

Summer was tiny. She weighed 840 grams, but Lily was smaller and more fragile still. She weighed only 390 grams.

She was barely longer than a ballpoint pen. “Her eyes were sealed shut and the skin on her stomach was translucent. You could see her kidneys and liver, says Michelle.

Both babies were rushed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Summer was in hospital for three months, and Lily for eight. Eight long months including days and nights when Michelle and Michael didn’t know whether their beautiful little girl was going to make it. More than once, Lily was resuscitated, and they even rushed in to say goodbye to her, but she kept fighting.

You’ll understand there were times when they couldn’t possibly leave her bedside. They spent every hour possible with her and they saw other families – many who lived long distances from the hospital – do the same.

That’s why Michelle and Michael are supporting our appeal to renovate the PICU family rooms.

Please send your gift now.

Our deadline for raising $85,000 is the end of the tax year, and we won’t get there without your help.

The waiting room also acts as a meeting place and it is where doctors sometimes have difficult conversations with parents – they may even learn that their baby will never go home there. It needs to be an oasis of calm.

The overnight rooms are where the families of the sickest children stay overnight. It needs to be welcoming and comfortable. We’re also raising money for nine new sofa beds for parents spending the night by their sick child’s side.

Please give as generously as you possibly can, because for a child who is sick, no one is more important than mum and dad.