TeamKids Arts in Health Program

Give Happy, Be Happy

Celebrating the Volunteers of the WCHN

The TeamKids Arts in Health program in collaboration with the WCHN Volunteers Department has created the 'Give Happy Be Happy' exhibition as part of the celebration and recognition of the wonderful contribution of the volunteers that support the Women’s and Children’s Health Network. The display features many familiar faces of the volunteers along with facts, figures and some of the reasons why people choose to volunteer.

Emily Chapman with patient.

Helen Hope, Linda Christie and Glynis Mitchelson.

Usha Raj and Emily Votino.

This year, Volunteering Australia is promoting the theme Give Happy, Live Happy and exploring the research that shows volunteers live happier and healthier lives. Associate Professor Dr Thomas Nielsen, University of Canberra, advocates a ‘Curriculum of Giving’, his research showing that giving and service to others increases wellbeing. “We now know that volunteering is not just good for our physical health, but for our psychological and emotional health too. Giving is one of the strongest predictors of increasing our health and happiness,” said Dr Nielsen.

Brett Williamson, OAM, CEO Volunteering Australia, said the theme Give Happy, Live Happy celebrates the idea that there is so much more to volunteering than simply giving your time and skills to help others.(                               

The exhibition has been on display in Gallery B (Level 2, Zone D, near the Hospital Café) for the month of May 2017.


Mind My Colour

The Art Bus, in association with the TeamKids Arts in Health program, provided a series of visual arts workshops for children who are patients of the Hospital, in the lead up to the 2017 DreamBIG Children’s Festival. Working with the Festival’s ‘Feed the Mind’ theme, the workshops encouraged children to think about the psychology of colour, colour theory and how children can use colour to express emotions. The results of these workshops can be seen in Mind My Colour, an exhibition of colourful paintings created by hospital patients.

The talented Art Bus sisters, Miranda and Claire Harris.

The Art Bus, is a fully mobile visual art studio run by sisters Miranda and Claire Harris. Together they worked with patients, who were aged from 4 to 17 years in Hospital School, the Paediatric Outpatients area and in Boylan, Campbell and Adolescent Ward. The workshops encouraged participants to think about colour, meaning and emotion. We all like different colours and respond to them individually. For some, blue was calming and peaceful, while red showed energy or a life force and green symbolised memories of time spent with a grandparent.

Participants looked at the work of famous artists and had the opportunity to experiment with colour and paint to create their own artwork. They took turns drawing each other or made drawings of themselves, and bent and shaped wire to create sculptures that came together as self-portraits. The Exhibition has been on display in Gallery A (Ground Floor Zone A -near Allied Health entrance and Hospital School) for the duration of May as part of the DreamBIG Children’s Festival 2017.