Natural Wonder: Documenting the world around us

Natural Wonder: Documenting the world around us

Natural Wonder: Documenting the world around us is the latest TeamKids Arts in Health exhibition and will be on show until mid-July 2017 in Gallery A at the Women's and Children's Hospital.

Featuring the work of Maxie Ashton, Christopher Houghton, Bernadette Klavins and Ellen Portell, Natural Wonder brings observations, contemplations, and the natural world into the hospital space. 

Curated by Saskia Scott, the 2016 recipient of the TeamKids – Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation Arts in Health Gallery Mentorship, this exhibition provides an opportunity for emerging visual artists or curators to work part-time on a gallery and exhibition program.

The exhibition aims to inspire you to pay closer attention to your environment and the wonders to be found there. The four artists are united in the focused attention they give to their ecological subject matter and their desire to document the natural world. Drawings of flora and fauna and landscape sketches have played a major role in the history of visual arts in Australia. The artists in Natural Wonder show a contemporary approach to this theme and utilise botanical, zoological, and geological imagery to convey broader ideas and sentiments. Through their work, the artists return to the focused attention and sense of wonder that children experience when discovering the world around them for the first time. The exhibition invites the viewer to do the same and look a little closer or listen a little harder and rediscover their sense of natural wonder.

Click here to download a copy of the Natural Wonder: Documenting the world around us exhibition brochure, including a biography of the artists and excerpts of their work. The exhibition is located in Gallery A at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide. Enter via the Kermode Street entrance.

Flightscape 2, 2016. By Artist: Maxie Ashton.

Artist Bernadette Klavins working on 'Cut'

Estrangement of Mind, 2016. By Artist: Ellen Portell.

And the wind howls in my ears, 2015. By Artist: Christopher Houghton.

Natural Wonder Exhibition Curator, Saskia Scott.


As part of our Arts in Health program at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, TeamKids integrates art into the daily life of the Hospital to improve people’s health and wellbeing. As part of this program, four gallery spaces exhibit artworks to improve the environment for patients, their families, visitors and staff. TeamKids supports a visual artist or curator to work part-time over 12 months to assist with this exhibition program under the guidance of its Arts in Health Coordinator, Jill Newman.

Details about the current mentorship residency program can be found on the Helpmann Academy website here.

Applications close on Friday 28 July 2017 at 5.00pm.