Ella's Story

Please will you help a seriously ill child who has to be in hospital this Christmas?

This Christmas, there are children who won’t be at home to open their presents. They won’t go to the beach. They might not see the sunshine at all.

Sadly, they’re too sick, so they’ll be in hospital – and, of course, they’d rather not be. Hospital treatment can be stressful for anyone, but especially for a child who isn’t able to understand that the doctors and nurses are trying to make them better.

Please will you send a special gift this Christmas that could help a seriously child like Ella?

Ella has Cerebral Palsy as well as other lifelong conditions that mean she needs ongoing medical treatment.

For Ella, hospital treatment is especially difficult even though she brings her assistance dog, Lenny to every appointment. He is there to make her feel calm, but even Lenny can’t soothe all her understandable fears, worries and anxieties.

You might think all it would take is a few words of explanation, but Ella’s Cerebral Palsy means that it’s not easy for her to understand what’s happening around her.

This Christmas, you could be the one to make a child like Ella feel more confident and at ease in hospital. That’s because you could fund the vital work of the play therapy team at the Women’s and Children’s hospital.

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Year-round, play therapists arrive at a child’s bedside with toys, games and activities. Before their little patient knows it, they’re playing – not worrying about their next treatment or operation. They’re having fun, but as Ella’s mum, Emily, has seen they’re also getting stronger and better able to cope with being in hospital.

“Play therapy is absolutely vital for a child like Ella,” says her mum, Emily. “It makes the difference between coping and not coping.”

Play therapy has transformed how Ella feels about being in hospital. Now she wants to come and see her play therapist. She puts on her most beautiful dress and her tiara, ready to play princesses.

They say laughter is the best medicine – so are smiles, giggles and fun. And these are what play therapists give to a child who is feeling anxious.

Please will you send a special Christmas gift to fund the work of play therapists at the Women’s and Children’s hospital? Your support is urgently needed.

Children who are sick miss out on so much – Christmas at home, playing with friends, and going to the beach. This Christmas, you can give them a chance to have fun and feel better.

Please send your gift now, in time for Christmas.